About Fundmatchers - Crowdlending

The purpose of the platform is to make real estate investments accessible for everyone. Real estate developers seeking financing can publish and market their projects directly on our platform. Investors register as members and then have access to information about the projects that are seeking funding – in case of interest they can then reserve shares and become lenders.

Fundmatchers exist to make a traditionally difficult market accessible to anyone who is interested. You do not have to be an expert on the subject or have millions on the bank to finance a real estate project – not if you have the right tools. The platform (with partners) takes no responsibility for the content on the platform or how it is interpreted and perceived. The decision to invest must be well-founded and carefully thought out – then interest can be given.

Fundmatchers AB works with credit brokerage for real estate companies. The company operates a crowdlending platform that brings together investors (lenders) and real estate developers (borrowers) under secured forms completely digitally.

At Fundmatchers you can invest in secured real estate loans, without any fees.

How it works

With just a few clicks you’ll become an investor in real estate in no time. Be sure to be quick though, opportunities doesn’t last forever.


This is your very first step to get started. Of course completely free of charge and without obligations!


Use Fundmatchers to find alternative investments. Read more about the project, the company and get the necessary documents in each project. If there is anything you want to know more about that is not stated on the project site, there is always contact information to the company that published the project.


When you have gathered all the information you need, and created your own image of the project, it is time for the investment. Stay up to date with the project right here on Fundmatchers!


It’s the yield that matters. The most common is that it is paid out when the property is sold within the time frame you see in the project.
In case of other types of payouts, this will always be stated within the project site

Board of Directors

Göran Hartmann

Board member

I’ve been working with real estates
in Scandinavia and Baltic. Out from my expertise I’m able to assist the developer to create even safer investment opportunities.

My experience is IT where I’ve been consulting and working as manager to many larger companies such as Microsoft.

Peter Eriksson

Board member