I have made an investment, where should I turn for information?

First of, you should always turn to the company that has received the investment. Contact information is always available on the project page. If you do not succeed in reaching the company or do not think that they have the answers to the questions you asked , you are always welcome to contact Fundmatchers, then we will ensure that the questions come to the right person, or if we can, answer them themselves.

What does interest rate product and annual return mean?

An interest rate product is when a company needs to borrow capital for growth. In Fundmatcher’s case, it is almost exclusively real estate and construction companies that use that financing model to be able to complete properties with good returns that they are prepared to distribute to those who lend the capital. There are many different payment models, from payment of interest monthly to payment at the end of the project, the information is always well defined on the project page. A good alternative to the low deposit rates offered today.

Can I invest as a company?

Absolutely! Unless the company that raises capital has specifically stated that they do not want to enter into companies, there is absolutely no problem. A fresh registration certificate and complete company registration are required to make an investment from a company.

Are Fundmatchers a Fund Commissioner?

No, we’re not. On the other hand, we cooperate with most fund commissioners in cases where our clients have requirements or wishes.

Who manages repayment of the loan?

The company that has borrowed the capital manages the repayment of the loan.
Fundmatchers never receives or distributes capital for its clients as it constitutes a license.

There is no information on a project, where should I turn?

Primarily to the company that has the offer. Of course, it is always possible to turn to Fundmatchersock as well so we help to obtain the information that is requested.

Did Fundmatchers Do a DueDiligence?

Before any projects are published on Fundmatchers, there has beeen done an overall business review on the clients that wish to market their projects on the platform. However, it is always the published companies that are responsible for ensuring that the information contained in a prospectus, memorandum or presentation is truthful and accurate.

Why do I have to be logged in to see the projects?

For regulatory reasons, the projects may only be shown in their entirety to a closed network. However, creating an account is a very smooth process and it is of course completely free of charge. You can easily sign up today by following this link (insert link)

Forgot your password

If you forgot your password, click this link to reset it, otherwise you can always contact

Personal Data (GDPR)

We protect your privacy and also follow the GDPR. We only handle the personal information that is considered necessary for the platform to function and obtain the best functionality for you as a user. We do not sell or share your information with third parties. If you want to read more about how we handle personal data, you can do this here.

Does it cost anything to become a member?

No! Fundmatchers membership is completely free of charge and does not entail any commitment whatsoever. No costs or commitments, only good investment opportunities!

Does Fundmatchers manage money or intermediary capital?

No! Managing client funds is not allowed without the correct permits. All transactions are made between investors and the company directly or a fund commissioner.

Register an account

To take part in the various offers and projects you first need to be a registered member. Of course, it does not cost you anything and you do not commit to anything, but you get early investment offers before the public. If there is any problem or if you have any questions, you can of course email us at info@fundmatchers.com.

Read more about the project

Once you are logged in and a registered member, you can access all the investment offers available. The company presents the necessary documents, a presentation and you can ask questions directly to the company.


When you decide to invest in a project or company, you go into the project you are interested in and press invest. Each campaign has its own minimum investment and you cannot invest less than that. When you have entered the desired amount, you sign your banknote with your BankID, either via your computer or mobile.

What happens after investing?

After the investment has been made and you have been assigned a record, a settlement note will be sent to you digitally and by post. When you have paid your investment, everything is collected and the company then closes the campaign. You will receive regular updates on Fundmatchers.