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Through Fundmatchers you are able to finance your real estate project/s with the help of several passive investors. We offer crowdlending, with the goal of helping more real estate developers finance their projects. The bank’s high requirements no longer have to be an obstacle. With the method we offer, you as a real estate developer can borrow capital from up to 200 different investors.

The annual interest rate is determined by your credit rating and the security you provide for the loan. The loan is free of interest until the last day of the project (around 30 days, from the day the project opened on the platform). The interest cost is usually 8-12%. Furthermore, when financing your project through us, you never have to worry about losing part of your ownership. Our lenders are passive and require no control over the project.


By filling the contact form below. We will get in touch with you to check if your company meets the requirements to apply for funding on Fundmatchers.


Your project or projects are reviewed before you can publish them on the platform. The project’s sustainability, profitability and collateral that has been provided are calculated and analyzed for the security of the lenders.


When your company and the project have passed all the necessary steps to be approved, the project will be published on the platform and becomes visible to registered members.


The interest is paid in full together with the loaned capital at the closing date for the loan. Repayment of capital including interest is taken care of by you as a borrower.

Create leverage – fast and flexible

Fundmatchers enables higher loan-to-value ratios than banks and other financial institutions – which means that you can increase the loan-to-value ratio and create greater leverage on your capital.

With greater leverage, you get a higher return on your equity. You will then have the opportunity to undertake larger, and / or more, projects than if you use traditional financing methods, such as bank loans or credit.
With Fundmatchers you can customize your financing according to your project. We work with you to create a tailor-made financing arrangement regarding interest rate level, maturity and security structure. When it comes to smaller projects, it is often good to use our platform alone as a source of funding. It is also possible to combine the raising of capital with other loans, for example from the bank.

  • Annual interest rate:8-12%

  • Duration:6-36 months

  • Possible collateral:Mortgage deed on property, share pledge, guaranties, mortgages with subordinated deposit or secondary mortgage

  • Capital structure:Up to 85% financing

  • Financing volume:from SEK 2 million

  • Interest payment:On the maturity of the loan

  • Time for capital raising:About 30 days, depending on project, size and amount of capital needed

Why apply for funding through Fundmatchers ?


Higher leverage ratio

Our members can often accept a higher loan-to-value ratio than the bank, since the bank is governed by various capital adequacy requirements. A higher loan-to-value ratio gives you a greater financial leverage and a higher return on equity.


It goes faster

Borrowing capital through our platform is usually faster than with the bank – but the time may vary depending from project to project, factors such as size and capital needed, makes a difference.


Tailor-made financing

You will have the opportunity to market your investment with returns, maturities and conditions that are tailored to your particular project, together with you, we will design a marketing strategy to make your project successful.


Finance your projects outside metropolitan regions

Our members are – to a greater extent than the bank – interested in financing properties outside the metropolitan regions.


Less administration

With the help of digitizing and automated processes, 200 digital investors are no more burdensome than it had been with a handful of physical investors. Except for quarterly updates, in the form of a picture and a brief descriptive text on how the investment proceeds, there's no actual requirements for ongoing communication with the investors.


Passive investors

When you raise capital from a few investors, in most cases, they are likely to want a large portion of the profits – which often means that they also want to come with input how you should handle your project. Through us you get more investors, but on the other hand they are passive and cheaper. Our investors appreciate short updates a few times a year, but will not require regular meetings, reports or board decisions.


Passive loan-based crowdfunding

Once approved, the project will be published on our platform. Subsequently, logged in users can read about it and form an opinion. If they consider it interesting, they can start reserving shares directly. As we mentioned above, the lenders are passive – they are updated about existing projects through our platform, where they have registered to receive the information. The platform helps you through the process and is fully digitized from start to finish.


Requirements for you as a project owner

Before your company is allowed to advertise on the platform, it must undergo a company inspection – to make sure that the owners and the board are not included in any register regarding crimes, a lot of bankruptcies, foreclosure or the like. This applies to both management and the company seeking capital. The management’s experience, skills and opportunities to complete the project are also controlled, together with the value of the existing collateral, such as plots, real estate or other.

All limited companies are welcome to apply to advertise on the platform to apply for funding. In order to ensure the quality of the projects and increase the security for the lenders, all loans marketed on the platform must be secured by means of shares, real estate, the parent company or personal guarantee.

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