Introduction: How to start invest in real estate?

Real Estate

To start investing within Real Estate you need to have a basic understanding of how interest rate products work.

First of, an interest rate product is a product where you lend money to a borrower, the borrower in this case is the real estate developer for example. And in order for this company to be able to borrow money from you as a lender, they need to publish their project on the platform after Fundmatcher has done a due-dilligance of the company and authorized to upload the project.

Once it has been published you as a member of Fundmatcher will be able to do your research on what the offer is and read all the information you need to be able get a good overview of the company.

Once you have done this it is simply up to you wether or not you want to make the investment.

What is important to remember is that all investments comes with a risk, of losing all or a part of your initial investment. So make sure to dive deep into interest rate products work.

In the blog you will be able to find more information regarding all parts of  real estate investment.

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