Fundmatchers is not a securities company or corporate finance company. We work modern and integrated with our customers, where our solid network is the basis for good results. Competence, experience and high-tech Fintech solutions together with our strong position in the market are the keys to success.

Fundmatchers do not conduct financial advisory or other licensed operations. Fundmatchers is a financial communication agency that offers services related to network-based financing (crowd funding). Fundmatchers are not the recipient or intermediary of the transactions that take place between consumers and the company’s customers. Investments at Fundmatcher’s customers are associated with risk and money invested can both increase and decrease in value. You may not get back all the invested capital. Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. Our staff does not have the right to neither recommend nor advise a financial decision, our task is to present as much facts as possible and show the conditions for a transaction with our customers.