Disraeli Road, Apartments in London

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London, United Kingdom (UK)

Short Story

Attractive property in the southern region of London. Every unit lies within the frame “Help to Buy” which gives a good Seller’s Market. Reserve your shares today!


Welcome to our latest project; Disraeli Road, Putney.

We are 100% sure that this project will be extremely successful and we will be working with a highly experienced contractor who will deliver a ‘first-class’ project.

The location is perfect for a resident, they have a short walk down to the centre area of Putney where they will find some fabulous bars, restaurants and a mixture of the high street, boutique and independent retailers. Several supermarkets are just around the corner and there are several tube stations within walking distance from the property which will take you into central London in just a few minutes on the District Line.

We have already agreed on the senior lending to a level just below £1,6 million, which puts us in a position where we now will be able to offer investors the opportunity to enter a risk limited investment with good and fixed return.

From day one we will be selling all 5 units off-plan, given the location and the quality of the developer, we expect these units to be snapped up by both residents and overseas investors immediately from the day we start to sell. The property is included in the governmental program “Help-to-buy” which makes it a very easy sell. You can read more about the program on this link.

Project strengths

  • Limited risk with high and fixed return
  • Securities for the loan in the property
  • Included in governmental “Help to buy” program
  • Highly experienced developers and contractors involved, with 10+ property projects in the UK exited and repaid to lenders with high profit.



Borrower: South London Development AB
Registration date of company: 2020-07-07
License of registration: License of registration South London Development AB
Articles of Association: Articles of Association South London Development AB
Web-page: www.phedagroup.com
Project of reference: Se PHEDA Group CV
Board and Members:
  • Director of Board: Philip Hård af Segerstad
  • Deputy: Daniel Marincic
Financial Controller: S-economy
Legal structure: Company Structure
Credit rating from Creditsafe: South London Development
Annual Financial Statement 2019: New Company
Financial Reports 2020: New Company
Operative organisation: PHEDA Group Ltd


Property: 118a Disraeli Road, London SW15 2DX
Property Adress: 118a Disraeli Road, London SW15 2DX
Area (kvm): 220 sqm
Year of Building: N/A
Legal Owner: 118a Disraeli Road Ltd Currently is aquiring the property
Form of Tenure: Freehold
FDS-utdrag: N/A (Acquisition Pending)
Value of the property: £1,500,000
Building Permit: Building permit was approved by Wandsworth Council the 26th of June 2020.
Current Status: Currently completing the acquisition of the property
Number of Units: 5
Total living area: 307 sqm
Project Estimate: Projektkalkyl.pdf
Capital Structure:
Loan: £1,592,931 (equivalent 18,2 MSEK)
Crowdlending through Fundmatchers: £550,000 (equivalent 6,4 MSEK)
Own Capital: ca £350,000 (equivalent ca 4 MSEK)
Total Financing: £2,492,931 (equivalent 28,5 MSEK)
Total Value: £3,169,495 (equivalent 36,2 MSEK)
LTV (%): 67,6%
LTC (%): 93,3%
Margin of profit(%): 35,8%
Price per unit: Avg £634,000 (motsvarar 7,25 MSEK)
Total sold units: 0 av 5
Real Estate Agent: TBA
Contracting: Design and Build Contracts
Entrepreneurs: Hard Hat Builders Ltd


Purpose of financing: Part finance for acquisition and development of five units at the property 118a Disraeli Road, London SW15 2DX.
Subscription Period (prel.): Subscribed according to the principle of first come, first served until the last day of subscription, which is preliminary set for 17th of August 2020.
Payout: As latest the 31st of January 2022.
Settlement day: 3 days after sent information for payment
Instrument: Loan
Annual Interest: 13%
Base information: Memorandum
Securities: – Share Pledge
The parent company of South London Development AB pledges all its ownership in the Borrower as security to the lenders, which means a 100% share mortgage to secure other possible values ​​in the Borrower.
In the event of a realization, all of the borrowing company’s assets are pledged as collateral to the lenders.
The share pledge also ensures that the borrower does not have the opportunity to transfer the company as long as the shares are pledged.- Real estate mortgage
The company 118a Disraeli Road Ltd provides a mortgage on the property 118a Disraeli Road,
London SW15 2DX in the form of a subordinated mortgage as security for lenders.
In a valuation performed by James Pendleton in Wandsworth / London (valuation date 2nd of July 2020)
The property’s market value was estimated to total approximately £ 1,500,000 and £ 3,169,495 in
completed condition.- Mortgage over internal loans
Since the Borrower (South London Development AB) and the Project Company (118a Disraeli Road Ltd) where the capital will be used are two separate companies but is part of the same corporate group, the loan will be forwarded within the group from the Borrower (South London Development AB) to the Project Company (118a Disraeli Road
Ltd.). To avoid that this internal loan could be subordinated to other loans or receivables, the intra-group loan will be pledged to the lenders.
Repayment Method: Sales with the option to re-finance as an alternative.
Yearly interest of arrears: 5%
Particular Risk Factors: – It should be noted that the value of the personal guarantee depends on the guarantor’s ability to
pay the debt in the event that the guarantee needs to be fulfilled.
– It should also be mentioned that the global situation with the Covid-19 pandemic may affect
the project schedule if unforeseen situations arise.
Agent: BDO
Maximum costs (GPB) for borrower regarding the offer: Approximately 17 600 GBP