By accepting these “Terms of Use for" (the “Terms of Use") you are deemed to be an “Investor" (as defined below) and you hereby certify that:

You are interested in obtaining offers for investments in unlisted and listed securities issued by public limited companies in the future.

You are at least 18 years of age, that you approve all terms and conditions of the Terms of Use in their entirety and that you are resident, registered and unlimited taxable in the EEA (European Economic Area).

In the event that you represent a company or other legal entity, you are at least 18 years of age, that you are a competent company signer or have the authority to bind the company to these Terms of Use and that you, on behalf of the company and for your own part, approve all the terms and clauses in the Terms of Use in its whole.

Represents a company or other legal person, you invest solely for your own account and not for someone else’s behalf in any form, ie not as an authorized representative, the bully, the contractor or the like.


Fundmatchers operates an investor network (the “Investor Network") consisting of natural and legal persons who, via the electronic bulletin board at (“The Bulletin Board") have declared their interest in issues and otherwise approved the Terms of Use (“Investors"). The bulletin board provides a link between companies in need of capital (“Companies") and the Investors. When logged in on the Message Board, the Investor has the opportunity to fill out a subscription form and / or report interest in specific Investments. The investor signs a separately distributed electronic subscription note. The notification is to be regarded as a subscription note and is binding on the Investor. A legal bond unit first arises in connection with the signing of the electronic subscription list.

The message board and the Investor Network are operated and administered by Fundmatchers AB (ORGNR), ADDRESS1 (“Fundmatchers").

Fundmatchers is a pure link between Investors and the Company, which means that Fundmatchers neither directly nor indirectly runs, manages, owns or is responsible for any Investment. Fundmatchers handle no capital and receive no payments.


All financial institutions must have sufficient knowledge of their customers to be able to assess the risk of money laundering. This is regulated by Law (2009: 62) on measures against money laundering and terrorist financing. For this reason, the Investor undertakes to correctly, completely and truthfully answer the questions in the Customer Knowledge Form in connection with registration. Furthermore, identity checks are done before an Investment is completed by the electronic subscription list and signed with the help of BankID.

As part of Fundmatcher’s measures against money laundering and terrorist financing, Investors who invest as a natural person (ie who do not invest as a representative of a company or other legal person) must not invest in someone else’s behalf in any form – not such as an authorized representative, the bully, the contractor or the like. Contact Fundmatchers at for any questions about this.


No Investments is directed, directly or indirectly, to people who are resident, registered and / or taxable outside the EEA. Persons who are resident, registered and / or taxable outside the EEA can thus neither register to the Investor Network nor complete an Investment.

No Investments have been registered and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933 or any corresponding law in any state of the United States, or under any applicable law in another country. No Investment is directed, either directly or indirectly, to (i) persons domiciled in the United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa or Canada or any other country where the distribution of the Investment or offer of the Investment is contrary to applicable laws or regulations, or presupposes prospectuses, registrations or other measures than those required by Swedish law or (ii) such persons whose participation for other reasons requires a prospectus, registration or other measures other than those required by Swedish law. Neither the Offer for Investment, subscription registration or other information may be distributed in or to countries where the distribution or offer of the Investment requires registration measures or measures other than those that follow from Swedish law or contravene applicable regulations in such country. It is incumbent on the Investor to comply with such restrictions in accordance with laws and regulations outside Sweden.


The Investor is responsible for ensuring that all use of the Notice Board is in accordance with these Terms of Use, laws and generally accepted standards.

Investor undertakes not to disseminate or pass on information, materials or offers related to Investments to the public or to third parties who are not considered Investors in accordance with the Terms of Use.

The investor shall ensure that the logon information to the Message Board is not disseminated to third parties and is obliged to immediately inform Fundmatchers in the event that the logon information is lost or falls into the wrong hands.

Fundmatchers reserves the right to immediately suspend the Investor’s account and / or revoke the status of “Investor" in the event that the Investor violates the Terms of Use and / or in the event the Investor’s actions, directly or indirectly, damage or risk damaging Fundmatchers and / or Message Board.


The investor is aware that the message board’s images, films, texts and other content are protected by intellectual property rights and undertake not to use or use them. Fundmatchers grants, neither directly nor indirectly, any license or right of use to the images, films, texts and other content contained on the Message Board.


Fundmatchers processes the Investor’s personal data, information about the use of the Notification Board and other information that is stated at registration and later when using the Notice Board, the completion of Investments or in contact with Fundmatchers. The Investor agrees that Fundmatchers processes personal data in order to (i) The Investor shall receive relevant information and offers from Fundmatchers and by selected Partners of Fundmatchers (ii) administer, provide and develop the Notice Board, Fundmatchers and the services they offer or may offer in the future ( (iii) administer the Investor Member State in the Investor Network (iv) market Fundmatchers, and Fundmatchers partners, products and services and to provide information on updates to the Notice Board, Terms of Service and Fundmatchers services (v) analyze the Investor’s use of the Notice Board and completed Investments functionality, keeping statistics, monitoring that the Notice Board is not used in violation of the Terms of Use, and in order to exercise Fundmatchers or anyone else’s right under the Terms of Use (vii) to enable financing or transfer of all or part of Fu ndmatchers or its operations (viii) carry out market and customer analyzes (ix) perform general business and method development (x) fulfill its commitments in counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing, which include gathering information from customer knowledge forms, conducting checks against the EU sanctions lists, UN sanctions lists and PEP lists etc. and (x) fulfill other obligations under law, regulation or internal regulations. The Investor agrees that Fundmatcher’s designated partners process the Investor’s personal data. The Investor is entitled to receive information on Fundmatchers’ information on the Investor at most once a year. The request must be made in writing and no compensation shall be paid to Fundmatchers. Investors also have the right to request correction, deletion or blocking of incorrect personal data. If an Investor wishes to exercise any of these rights, the Investor should contact Fundmatchers at and provide their full name and, if possible, the username and email address used at registration.

By accepting the Terms of Use, the Investor agrees that Fundmatchers or Fundmatchers partners direct marketing to the Investor, via e-mail or otherwise. The Investor has the right to refuse to use personal data for direct marketing purposes and the Investor can withdraw his consent by contacting Fundmatchers at

To fulfill its obligations under these Terms and Conditions, Fundmatchers has the right to disclose information about Investors to authorities such as the Swedish Tax Agency and IT suppliers and other contracting parties to Fundmatchers who may process personal data on Fundmatcher’s behalf. Fundmatchers also has the right to disclose the information to potential investors and buyers of all or part of Fundmatchers or its operations. The investor agrees that personal data may be processed and transferred to a country outside the EU / EEA area.

Fundmatchers AB, ORGNR, is responsible for personal data for the processing of personal data that is done on the Message Board and within the framework of Fundmatcher’s services. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us at or Fundmatchers AB, ADDRESS1.


This point applies only to Investors who are natural persons and who act as a private person and not as a representative of a legal person. Since the notification is made directly with the company or the fund commissioner and in a digital signing process, the subscription is thus binding and cannot be undone when the Investor has signed with BankID.


The bulletin board may from time to time be totally or partially inaccessible due to maintenance or other reasons. Under no circumstances will fundmatchers be held liable for any consequences or damage as a result of the message board not being used in the intended manner.


The agreement, which constitutes the Terms of Use, will continue until such time as it is terminated by one of the parties. Fundmatchers may change the Terms of Use from time to time and will then publish the amended Terms of Use on the Notice Board. The amended terms and conditions will apply to new users and Investors as of the date they are published on the Notice Board. Already existing Investors will be bound by the changed terms 30 days after correction. A message is sent to the members that changes have been made.


Each Investment Offer is unique, which is why it is of the utmost importance that the Investor carefully evaluates both the Investment Offer and the Company before the Investor completes an Investment. The Company is responsible for both the implementation and management of the Investment as well as the Investment Offer as a whole, including but not limited to its terms, forecasts and any commitments. The investment offer has been designed and approved by the Company.

Investors should always consult with experts, such as attorneys, accountants, tax advisors, financial advisors and investment advisers, before investing. The Investor is aware that the Investment Offer, in the event of a lack of interest or for any other reason, may be canceled at any time. The investor is aware that the opportunity to sell the share will in many cases be small or non-existent. The investment is made in companies that may be unlisted or listed, which is why the Investor may not be able to sell the stock on a stock exchange or regulated market. The investor is fully responsible for his use of the Notice Board and for any investment decisions made as a result. The investor is aware that an Investment is always associated with risks and that all or part of the invested capital can be lost. The Investor is also aware that certain Investments are associated with exceptionally high risk, including but not limited to financial risk, liquidity risk and divestment risk.


In addition to what is otherwise stated in the Terms of Use, the following disclaimers apply:

Fundmatchers makes no guarantees or warranties regarding content, information, calculations, calculations, commitments or anything presented on the Notice Board, regardless of whether this originates from the Company or not. Fundmatchers take no direct or indirect responsibility for the Investment Offer and an Investment is only a matter between the Investor and the Company and Fundmatchers is solely to be considered as a Notification Board. Fundmatchers also make no representations or warranties regarding the Notice Board or its function, availability, quality, usefulness or security. Neither the Fundmatchers nor the Message Board have any direct or indirect link, influence or responsibility over the Company, the Investor or the Investment Offer. Fundmatchers represent neither the Company nor the Investor, make no assessment of the Company and / or the Investment Offer, nor make any recommendations or statements to any party regarding the Investment Offer.

The Investor undertakes, without limitation in time, to make no claims, directly or indirectly, against Fundmatchers, its Group or associated companies or representatives as a result of (i) the Notice Board is not available (ii) capital has been lost directly or indirectly in connection with with an Investment (iv) that the Investor was not offered to pursue an Investment (v) that the Company has not fulfilled its obligations and / or complied with relevant agreements, regulations, laws or rules (vi) that measures and / or decisions on the basis of the Investment have not been taken and / or taken at the wrong time or extent (vii) that the Company has provided incorrect or misleading information about itself, the Investment Offer or otherwise.

Fundmatchers are not responsible for any indirect damage or loss of revenue under any circumstances. Fundmatcher’s total liability towards the Investor shall under no circumstances exceed a price base amount calculated in accordance with the Social Insurance Code (SFS 2010: 110).


The terms of use are governed by Swedish law. All disputes arising from the Terms of Use shall be finally resolved by arbitration procedure administered by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute.